Most of these restaurants have been recommended by the property's own guests. Please let us know if any do not meet expectations. Thank you

in manacor and inland areas

Tot Caliu Restaurant (Manacor)

Very good meat, tapas and good price.

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Es Cruce Restaurant (Vilafranca)

It is not a typical tourist restaurant.

Good quality, fast service and very good price.

Meat, fish, tapas, etc.

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Pamboleria De Tot (Manacor)

Great variety of Pambolis (sandwiches), they have a dish of the day as a menu during the week, good quality and good price.

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In coastal area

Can Taluleta Restaurant (Porto Cristo)

Specialty in Paellas.

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Can Bernat Restaurant (Portocolom)

Very Good Black Paella (Call before going).

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Baboo Restaurant (Portocolom)

Tapas food, high price.

You can see the letter on Instagram.

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Bar Cactus Restaurant (Cala Mendia)

Good quality and price.

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Maysi Restaurant (Calas de Mallorca)

Good quality and good price.

Tourist center with souvenir shops around.

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Sa Cala Beach Restaurant (Cala Mendia)

Good food, good service, excellent views and good price.

Close to the beach, it has a pool area for cocktails.

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